Introducing the core members of Evolve team

Today we want to introduce to you the members of Evolve core team!

Currently we have 10 members in our team. Everyone in our team has different shape experience with crypto world. This is not surprising, since everything is constantly evolving at a rapid pace. Therefore, many have to study and join many different areas of cryptocurrency.

And one of them is the CEO and founder of our project — Michael Nicholson. With nearly seven years of experience with cryptocurrencies, he looks to the future with eyes full of hope. Having experience in almost all areas of cryptocurrency (including mining, trading, development, investment), he clearly understands the situation, can flexibly adapt to what is happening, and also perfectly understands and hears people and their requirements. His task is to make Evolve a great project, achieve new heights, and of course make Evolve financially successful.

Michael Nicholson, CEO

Our next member of the team is Luka Novak. Occupying the position of CMO, his tasks include analysis, promotion, as well as attracting new partners to the project. You better believe in his work experience, he reached it when he had his own business, and he even worked on a Volkswagen. He will challenge with difficulties face to face, and he will make it through.

Luka Novak, CMO

Nazim Aramisovich — the head of IT department. If you are looking for the smartest programmer on earth — it’s him. Knowledge of many programming languages, the ability to clearly set tasks, as well as competently distribute tasks between his subordinates — this is just a small list of his skills. He is responsible for the technical support of our platform. With his help, any new feature finds a place in life in a very short time. (P.S. it was his idea with Web 1 — Web 3 versions)

Nazim Aramisovich, the Head of IT

Our first crypto advisors — Artem Kalinichenko. We can say that he is the brain of our project. He is a man of all roles — he helps in financial, in marketing, in development. He knows everything about anything, he can predict the movement of the market, and how we live in this market. This man sees clearly what we need, which way the wind is blowing, and how we can succeed.

Artem Kalinichenko, Advisor

The fifth member of Evolve core team — Tim Remin, our graphic designer. No doubt he is the most creative person of our team. He came up with and created the design for all Web1 — Web3 versions of our website, despite the fact that he is an ordinary artist. But he, like all of us, has a huge experience in working with cryptocurrencies, for which he is now in our team. We recommend you follow him on Instagram

Tim Remin, Graphic Designer

That’s all 5 members of Evolve core team. We all are working hard to make a success, despite the hardships and setbacks we face. We hope you will like the platform we are building, and we hope we can become not only just good friends with you, but strong partners in the future!

Best regards,

Evolve team.

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