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9 min readMay 25, 2022

We recently had our first AMA session with Airdropnesia!

We tried to answer at all your interested questions about Evolve and our team. So let’s get started!

1. First We want to know, what exactly is Evolve and the story behind it?

Evolve is the world’s first full-size fundraising and project tracking platform. That means you can not only just make a fundraising company of your idea, but with the help of us and our tools and functionality, launch your project from the ground. We will support and help you to evolve your project on every step of it — from the idea to the full independency. So, the story behind Evolve team is not typical, I think. We were just a bunch of friends and colleagues from around the globe (Poland, Ukraine, China, India, Dubai) in crypto world. I have to say that almost everyone of us had and experience on other projects like. One day we had an idea to make a game, using a blockchain. But after searching a suitable platform for us we came to the conclusion, that there is no such launchpads for the for beginners. So, we decided to make it our one. We collected all our money, made in cryproworld and started the development. After a short term of time we receiver a big amount of investment from the friend of us, so that we took on the project with full force.

2. There should be something special about Evolve that make it different from others project at the same space, can you tell us more about it?

Well, the we have some cool things, that distinguishes us from other projects. First thing first, the main goal of Evolve is to make it possible for small projects to make a start in cryptoword and make ideas come to life. It is some kind of turnkey solution. Evolve help to form the idea of your project, start the development of it by making fundraising on our platform. After that, by using our tools, you can make: a smart contract, create a design case for your project, create a form for whitepaper and a roadmap from the template, e.t.c. Other great thing about us that we want to show people the evolution of cryptoword and Internet generally. So that we’re making 3 versions of our website: web1–3. Each version will be different in design and functionality. You can already check the web1 version, and you will see he design of webpages of nineties. The web 2 will be with the design of 2010, and web3 will have design and functionality of nowadays.
And some thing that wasn’t been mentioned nowhere before: we are developing the staking. But we will discuss it later.

3. TRUST is the most significant aspect for a project to succeed, what makes Evolve can be trusted?

Trust issues, in my opinion, is the foundation stone of everything in cryptocurrency. The thing is that it’s almost impossible for projects to give the 100% warranty of success, and it’s really hard for people to believe not in an idea, but in projects itself.
Well, we want to attract people with not only just the words we’re saying about how great we are and how big is our project is, but with the real things we are doing so the people can see the results and can use it.
Sure thing, that the project can be more trusted, if it has a good investors, and if it had good developers, working on it. We’re working on the first one, and we’re open for all kind of partnerships. And I can assure you, that the Evolve team has the most creative and the most smart people whom I have ever met in my life. We will realize our team with the documentations, that we are currently working on.
Of course we are interested to engage more people, but the people choose to believe or not to believe in us themselves. And we will just continue doing our thing, developing our project. Me, personally, believe in Evolve and the success of it, even the situation in cryptocurrency now is not as good as it used to be.
So, I hope you will be on board with us, the Evolve team.

4. What risk it takes and what benefit people get when they put their money on Evolve?

Now we don’t have a very large community, so we want attract new members by token price on IDO. Our idea is that the price on public sale will be almost as low as seed round. I can’t say what will be the price, our financial department working with it.
Sure thing it’s a risky for people to put their money on a new project, but by the time when we will have IDO we will definitely gain trustiness in crypto community. As I said, people choose to trust or not to trust themselves.

5. Can you tell us a bit about Evolve tokenomics and utilities?

Tokenomics is already done, everything is calculated to the smallest detail. You can check the diagram on our website, but I have to say, that it was one of the first tokenomics that we made, the latest tokenomic is a bit different. The main things that I can say about our token is that will have a big weight in our ecosystem. By using it, you will support projects, that will be placed on our platform, stake it for receiving increased awards for supporting projects and furthermore use it on our exchange.
Our token will be built on Solana protocol, but we are looking for the ways to make our project multichain.

6. Community want to know what events currently or will be running later on Evolve?

Currently we are running The First Evolve giveaway. We’re giving away 50000$ worth of EVL tokens! You can participate and get a chance to win some of our token. You can find a link to a form in pinned post on Twitter. Moreover, we have an Evolve form of interest, which you can find on our website. You better fulfill it, because who knows how we will choose people for WL 😉
And well, in future we’re planning to start an ambassador program due to high interest of it. Maybe we will be in need of help with testing our token and our platform in general, but of course we will notify you.
Oh yeah, and we’re planning to make a special discord community, since we don’t have a discord yet.

7. What strategic did Evolve have to attract more investor, community and partnership?

Well, it is not a secret that people are interested in making a profit at cryptocurrencies. And projects are the ones, who make it possible. So we’re not gonna be exception. For our early members, they have a great chance to get an allocation and be whitelisted. Everyone will have a chance to take a part in testnet, and the most active members of our community will be choose as our ambassadors.
The important thing i want to say that we are already communicate with some other projects, which want to be placed on our platform.
And we are already negotiating we some investors represented by large exchanges and funds.
And well, it is one more time trust issues, that the more stuff we make — the more trust we gain — the more investors and partnerships we have.

8. Most people will look into long term investment, so what Evolve offer to its holder for long term benefit ?

As I mentioned before, we will have a staking program. And the staking itself not gonna be just a regular staking. I can say that we came up with the idea of investment staking. It will be working like this: you will stake your money on special pool, created only for a project which is presented on our platform, you will received the tokens of this project, and after the expiration of time you will have your money back. We are testing and bring to perfection this system, and we will released the full scheme of it soon. It will be win-to-win for both side — the project received money for development and support, the investors money are safe, because they will receive their money back, and moreover they will receive the tokens of project for supporting it. I think it is a really great long time investment, we did not see the scheme like this before. But of course we are working on it, so it can work properly.

Questions from members of community

There are so many projects that abandoned because it just follows a booming trend, how do you handle it? What is the guarantee that evolve project will never be abandoned so that many users can really be sure for your project?

I think the main reason of the abandoned of projects because of their poorly thought out development strategy and unwillingness not to cope with difficulties. We have a thought about Evolve long before the up higher trend. We wanted to be the part of bullish trend to make more profit, but now we see that it is more profitable to stay, even when the others go away from cryptoworld.

Partnerships are important for Adoption, so can you tell us what partners Evolvepad have currently and future partnerships?

Currently we have 2 investors: one is individual (he ask do not disclose the name until the full launch of the project), and one is the popular ukrainian exchange. For now we are negotiating with Arabian exchange about investments, and recently started the conversation with 3 funds about further investments.

On your website you state that many people still do not understand the technology and innovation behind blockchain, what will be then your most important strategy to get the community to know and believe in the crypto era, through your ecosystem?

We want people to convince, that fundraising in cryptocurrency can be more safe, that it used to be in the past. We don’t aim to impose cryptos and we don’t force to deploy blockchain in every part of our life. I think it’s just a matter of time, people will evolve to the crypto themselves. And we are just the ones, who could help them raised their ideas about crypto and bring it to life.

What is the MISSION of Evolvepad? How is your project designed build real benefits and investment return to global community of crypto investors? How will you create positive impact on people and in the digital ecosystem using blockchain technology?

As I mentioned before, our goal is to bring ideas to life, using our help and support their project on every step of it. We just saw the lack of help for small projects, or even ideas, and we want to try giving a help for them. For example, if you have an idea about some new cryptocurrency, but you don’t know where to start and what should you do — you contact with us, and together we will evolve your idea, create a design, website, etc.
I think that our staking program will be some kind of revolutionary. Not only you will have an opportunity to invest in someone by staking, but you will have your staking money back, thus you will help a project to fundraise some money for development and receive their tokens. And, of course, we will have a strict control of projects, so your money will be in safe

Could you give me 2 or 3 key points to convince me and other angel investors invest in project for the long-term? And Do you have AUDIT certificates, or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make It more secure and reliable?

I think our staking program is the main reason for a long time investments. It speaks for itself. We are already negotiating with one company called Hacken, this company provides audit in the crypto world, and of course we will do everything we need to protect our investors from losses.

That’s it for our first AMA! We are very grateful to Aidropnesia for making our first AMA possible. And thank a lot for interesting questions.
Thanks everyone who took the participation in this event. We will look forward to answer new questions as soon as possible!

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