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Yesterday we had AMA session with Asia Community Support

We have prepared an article for you so that you can get acquainted with all the answers to questions.

AMA is divided to 3 segments:
1. Intro questions
2. Twitter questions
3. Live questions

Get comfortable and let’s get started!

Intro questions

  1. Can you introduce yourself and describe us about “Evolve” . What is your project about and how can we see it in action?
    Hello, my name is Michael and I’m CEO and a co-founder of Evolve. Thank you guys for inviting me today, I hope I’ll try to answer all your question today.
    Evolve is a new gen launchpad and incubating platform, built on Solana protocol. Evolve is all-in-one for developing and raising funds solution for projects and ideas, with the possibility to launch on one or multiple selected blockchains. That means you can not only just make a fundraising company of your idea, but with the help of us and our tools and functionality, launch your project from the ground. We will support and help you to evolve your project on every step of it — from the idea to the full independency.
  2. What are the Main Features that distinguish Evolve from its competitors?
    First thing first, the main goal of Evolve is to make it possible for small projects to make a start in crypto word and make ideas come to life. It is some kind of turnkey solution. Evolve help to form the idea of your project, start the development of it by making fundraising on our platform. After that, by using our tools, you can make: smart contract, design for your project, create documentation, etc.
    Other cool thing about us that we want to show people the evolution of crypto word and the Internet generally. So that, we’re making 3 versions of our website: web1–3. Each version will be different in design and functionality. You can already check the web1 version, and you will see he design of webpages of nineties. The web 2 will be with the design of 2010, and web3 will have design and functionality of nowadays.
    And the last features that we haven’t mentioned before: we are developing an opportunity to take a part in IDO’s through staking. That is, in fact, a safe investment in projects, with the possibility of their return, something like the dividend scheme.
  3. Security and user interface are the most important that users see on the platform. How did Evolve work on this?
    In my opinion, security should be at the top of all priorities. We want people to trust in us, and we are making everything possible to secure both sides: developers and investors. Of course we do have Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, as well as disclaimer in our Whitepaper. And we are working on more documentation to make sure that everything and everyone, related with our platform, are secured.
    Other important thing about crypto is audit. We already are negotiating with CertiK about audit of us. We will have an announcement after it will be done.
    And what about user interface: we have the best specialists working on this. You may have a question: why does our website has such outdated design? The answer is simple — it is just a design of Web 2.0, made in the style of 2010. Web 3.0 design and user interface will gave a great experience, we are already proud of how it looks like, and I bet you will be satisfied too.
  4. What is the role of $EVL token in Evolve ecosystem? Could you give a detailed information about your tokenomics?
    As you already know, our token has $EVL symbol and it is utility functional. That means it plays one of the main roles in our ecosystem. It offers an efficient and safe process of payment and settlement to the user base within the ecosystem. The following functions are: access to the platform, its functions and features, opportunity to participate in the IDO, staking pairs with other tokens and more.
    I think we have a great tokenomics, calculated to the smallest detail. We want people to obtain more of EVL, so we made quite a large percentage for community rewards, due to the opportunity to governance platform and its decisions, as well as giving projects necessary support.
    And of course we have a big percent for staking, since I mentioned before about our vision of making IDO through staking. And staking will be one of the most efficient way to obtain EVL token.
  5. Could you provide some details about Evolve roadmap and target in this year?
    I hope you read our roadmap in Whitepaper, or saw it on our website. And you probably saw that we have a lot of things to work on. And that is true, we are working on everything we have mentioned. Our main goal for this year is to fully launch our ecosystem, open staking, and to list our token on exchanges. We are already negotiating with ByBit, KuCoin, Lbank, P2PB2B about our listing.
    We want not only to make promises about certain things, but we want to immediately work on them in order to quickly come to the final result. We know that sometimes unforeseen circumstances occur, such as an actual market crash, and due to this, the deadlines may be shifted, but we do our best to optimize our workflow and come to the desired result on time.

Twitter questions

  1. Does Evolve support staking program? If yes, how is your stake system work, what is the requirement for user if they want to stake in Evolve?
    Yes, we will have staking program, as I mentioned before. And we want it to be unique. We are working on a model that allows staking for the purpose of IDO. That is, you will be able to stake your funds to support the project, while receiving rewards, but at the same time, the project will be able to receive the necessary financial support. For now, this model is really complicated to implement, but we will figure out about it.
    And of course, if you saw our tokenomics, you have noticed that we have 20% of tokens for staking. You will be able to stake funds in pairs or ones, in order to receive EVL token. We will release information about staking in the future, I think, before the launch of Web 3.0.
  2. Is Evolve a local or global project? how many communities do you have for non English users?
    We target to the global market. We want our products to be used all over the world, and we do not want to be limited to one or another market or country.
    At this stage, we only have an English-speaking community. We know, how it’s important for community to be in their local non English-speaking groups. After the launch of our Discord, we will have a lot of local non English-speaking communities, so you can discuss Evolve with people of your language.
  3. What are the plans to educate and raise, awareness, and adoption among the community, to make more people understand about Evolve easily???
    First thing first, we will have a mass marketing campaign, so the more people will know Evolve and solutions we are making. One thing, that we have mentioned before, that we will have Evolve Academy. This is a special section on our platform, where we will be teaching how to use our platform, how to use tools, how will be IDO and staking working. This will be useful information not only for developers and their projects presented on our platform, but also for potential investors.
    And of course we will gradually provide information and describe the principles of work in our articles on the Medium, and other interactions with the community.
  4. Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?
    Token burning usually embedded in tokenomics. We do not have plans for token burning at this point.
    However we are interested to stir up interest in our token, as well as to attract new investors. We consider natural ways of development is the best solution to increase EVL value. So that, the market and its laws will consider the best price for it, and we will do everything what is in our power: listing on new exchanges, empowering our token, etc.
  5. How important is the COMMUNITY to you? and how can we collaborate or help you for the development of Evolve?
    The community is incredibly important to us, especially at this stage of development when we need to see feedback about us. It is critical for us that people ask us questions, even inappropriate questions, so that we know what we need to work on and where to develop. Every word from you — words of support or words of criticism — we will always listen to them.
    So far we have a very small community, but I really hope that we can grow into something bigger and stronger, and of course become friends with everyone.
    We want more interaction with the community, and so it will be after the launch of our Discord, when we will have an opportunity to discuss everything, not only about Evolve.
    As I mentioned before, we will have an ambassador program, so you will have a chance to help us to grow. The information about it we will provide in the future!

Live questions

Where can I currently buy Token?

Currently our token is not tradeable. You will have a chance to obtain EVL token by participating in our token sale, get them as staking reward, and receive them in participating in the active life of our community.

Unfortunately there are a lot of scam or poor quality projects in the Blockchain space. Can we be sure that all the projects we find on Evolve will be of high quality? Do you have enough experience in researching and studying projects to recognize which ones are legitimate and which ones are not?

We give a guarantee that all projects that we will supervise will be legitimate and come out in full working order. We cannot guarantee the financial success of any project, but we can guarantee that we will be very careful in selecting ideas and projects to be placed on our site.
Also, our team has vast experience in research and work with other projects, so we can distinguish a “scam” from a worthy idea.
We will release documentation on the criteria we will work with.

IS This Your project only for elite investors, How about other’s with small funds, Is it open to everyone???

Our main goal is to make IDO and investing possible for everyone. We really want everyone to have the opportunity to invest, as well as to make their ideas into reality.
So we are focused on making our platform accessible to everyone. So you will definitely have the opportunity to invest with the small fund.

When will your tokens be listed on the exchange and which exchanges do you plan to list on in the future?

The listing will be approximately in the Quarter 4 of 2022. We already have contact with exchanges KuCoin, ByBit,, P2PB2B, Lbank, and we are looking forward to be listed on Huobi Global

What are the main plans for your project right now? Are you focusing on community marketing / exchange or products?

No, we are not afraid of fair competition, we want as many ideas as possible to be born, competition creates new opportunities and technologies.
We are confident in our product and in success, so we know that we will always have a loyal user. We will be able to take our place in the crypto world, and we will be able to compete with other platforms similar to our, because we are confident in our abilities, and we are confident about us.

That’s it for this AMA! We are really thankful for every your questions, and thanks everyone who took participation in it!
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